Erick Jones

Visual Hierarchy Matters!

You are being manipulated. All the time.

I’ve stumbled in a Facebook post that made me remember our classes back in the university. Do you know how much are you manipulated? Well, the content creators, Marketers and Designers know and they use these techniques to better sell an idea or a product. Our minds read texts and images in a particular way, from more prominent to less prominent points of focus. It’s easy to predict how a person will read something, so we can create stuff like this:

funny, no?!
funny, no?!

So, with this in mind, check all the posters and propagandas and you will notice that the biggest and more prominent pieces of information will grab your attention and then once you’re hooked, gradually the information will be given to you in smaller chunks, normally the less attractive ones like a high price or controversial at last. Our eyes scan the information from left to right (in western world) starting from the most prominent information, then after we scan the other bits of information around it.

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