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Erick Jones



Branding, UX/UI Design

I had the privilege of developing the entire concept for the brand and crafting its visual identity from scratch, which was a really rewarding experience.

GreenGO - Cover image - Erick Jones Portfolio

GreenGo gives access and support to travellers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In this project, the logo draws inspiration from Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain. Capturing its distinctive silhouette, the logo radiates a friendly aesthetic with a rounded and soft form. 

GreenGO - Logo Inspiration - Erick Jones Portfolio

The color palette mirrors the city’s dynamic nature, blending urban landscapes with lush rainforest hues. A gradient, transitioning from dark greens to vibrant lemon shades, symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of city and nature.

GreenGO - Logo - Erick Jones Portfolio

Crafting the visual identity involved a curated palette—blending green tones with dark grey for sophistication. Helvetica, chosen for its timeless elegance, ensures clarity and adaptability. Pale cream/yellow accents enhance readability, achieving a harmonious blend of modernity and approachability.

GreenGO - Visual Identity - Erick Jones Portfolio

The photography direction captures Rio de Janeiro’s vibrant lifestyle, blending dynamic city life with nature’s beauty. Balancing people and nature, the visuals mirror the city’s lively spirit with a vibrant yet subtle color palette.

GreenGO - Photography - Erick Jones Portfolio

Crafting interfaces involved strategic wireframe placement for seamless user experience. Guided by testing, decisions prioritize engaging, user-friendly online presence, resonating with Rio de Janeiro’s essence.

GreenGO - Wireframes - Erick Jones Portfolio
GreenGO - Landing Page 1 - Erick Jones Portfolio
Erick Jones Portfolio - GreenGo - Website interface
GreenGO - Erick Jones Portfolio

Beyond digital, the visual identity extends to tangible items like T-shirts and hats, seamlessly connecting the brand with its audience.

GreenGO - Billboard - Erick Jones Portfolio
GreenGO - Apparel - Bucket Hat - Erick Jones Portfolio
GreenGO - Apparel - T-shirt - Erick Jones Portfolio
GreenGO - Keychain - Erick Jones Portfolio