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Erick Jones

Online Radio

Branding, Visual Identity is the largest online radio station in the Balkans. It is the preferred choice for people who want to listen to their favorite radio stations in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro.

Erick Jones Portfolio - - Logo animation

Branding recognition comes from relating to customers

Having been online for over a decade, has established itself, with its logo already well-recognized by users. Therefore, the client’s request was to retain certain elements from the previous logo while modernizing it.

The former logo featured a quaver (a musical note) and several other elements, though perhaps too many. Thus, the challenge was to incorporate some of these elements while simplifying the overall design.

Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Old logo

When designing a logo and crafting a brand, it is crucial to consider the end customers and how they interact with the product.

Accessing data on user preferences and platform usage reveals insightful patterns. The majority of users engage through mobile web (70%), followed by desktop (28%), and tablet (1.9%), providing key insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Demographics
Chart 1:'s audience aquisition

Color choice

I noticed they were using a reddish-orange accent color, and I believed exploring a more vibrant, less red variation could add an intriguing touch. Delving into sunset hues during my research, I aimed to find the perfect balance between red and orange—a warm, vibrant tone that exudes energy and contemporary flair.

I’ve also selected a dark color that contrasts perfectly with the vibrant accent shade, suitable for implementing a dark mode.

Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Logo idea
Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Cover
Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Logo applications
Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Logo applications
Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Logo applications
Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Visual Identity

Typeface choice

I aimed for a friendly, rounded sans-serif typeface that resonates well across diverse cultures and languages. This choice ensures that RadioStanica can convey its desired message universally, breaking down language barriers in visual communication. After thorough research, I discovered the ideal typeface: ‘Readex Pro,’ which perfectly aligns with my vision.

Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - White application mobile
Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Dark application mobile
Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Instagram Portfolio
Erick Jones - Portfolio - RadioStanica - Business Card

Client's feedback

“If I had to highlight one thing it would be Erick’s incredible creativity. He is a highly skilled product designer with a profound business understanding, always ready to amaze with creative ideas.”

~ Dejan Dojcinovic, Founder

Image credits:
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash
Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash