Erick Jones

Viva Rio – Blood donation Campaign

Helping future helpers

I am a volunteer for social causes and I use to make works for a NGO called Viva Rio – based in Rio de Janeiro but world known, and responsible for diverse actions in Haiti. Specially after the earthquake that devastated the country in 2010. So I am very proud to contribute to an organization that have this profile.

This work is a folder that brings knowledge and demystify the blood donation process. The target public was the people that live in favelas / slums in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, and barely know about blood donation and its processes. This folder explains it step by step: 5 steps for the donator and 7 steps for the blood. All very clearly explained.

For this I created a character and blood bags with human expressions to humanize the communication. All over a pathway that reminds a table game.

Hope you like it.

If you or your company need also a folder or Illustration services, send me a message and we can work together.
Thank you.

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